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One reader attempts to explain “it’s not a dressage quiz, it’s a test” to Eddie Izzard; a stallion shows off its soccer skills; behind-the-scenes at a horse-ball match; pony rider adorableness, cow jumping… we love it ALL.

From Teresa Thorpe, in response to this Eddie Izzard video we posted earlier this week: “This is the YouTube link for the entertaining video involving my friend Gwen and I discussing dressage with the great Eddie Izzard at his Edmonton show in November.”

From Angela Lee: “I thought you might enjoy the antics of my friend’s warmblood stallion. He lives in Victoria, Australia and this footage was taken a few years ago when he was younger. For your information — the ‘Socceroos’ are the Australian national soccer team…”

“He obviously has his owner in hand!”

On a related note, have you heard of a sport called “Horse Ball”? Reader Julien Guntz shared this video:

From Carrie Ferrer: “I was fortunate to be in on the beginning of this viral video… Over 14,501 shares in a couple days!” [Direct Link]

Post by April Joy Bruneau.

And this video, while not new, comes highly recommended from Lindsay Rausch:

Go Riding!


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