Your Turn: Reader videos

HN readers have the best sense of humor in the land, as evidenced by these homemade videos that recently landed in our inbox.

Exhibit A: This music video reader Marcy made of her horse Charlie rolling in the muddiest spot possible after a bath.

Marcy writes, “Hey, I follow you guys, love your page… just thought y’all (and everyone else who has ever had horses) would find this video of my horse Charlie comical.”


Exhibit B: This video of the 2014 Winter Games from Howling Ridge, “where horses compete to do the most damage.” Major thanks to Lauren A. for sending this one our way!

[John Holland]

Exhibit C: Talk about homewreckers… these readers invited their horses into the house! Barbie Sue Allegretta writes, “It hasn’t stopped snowing in Jersey so we brought the boys inside! HURRY SPRING!!!!!”


Exhibit D: OK, OK… we get it. Life with horses is oftentimes a comedy of errors, and if you’re going to make it through with your sanity intact, you’ve got to learn to roll with the punches. So why do we choose to live this way in the first place? Karlie Mitchell found this video that offers a pretty accurate explanation.


Go Riding!


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