SmartPak Story of the Week

A big congratulations to Laura Stopper Batts for her winning contribution, “Do You Love Your Horse Too Much?” With 2,469 views, it was the most popular guest submission of last week.

For your efforts and to show our appreciation, Laura, we’ll be sending you a gift card from our fantastic sponsor, SmartPak!

Read the winning story here:


Runners up include “Tales From a Bad Eventer: The Hard Way” by Bad Eventer (1,260 views)….


…followed by “The Idea of Order: Guest Comic Week!” by Morgane Schmidt (1,2872 page views):


We encourage you to check out these stories if you missed them the first time around.

For all you writerly-types, we encourage you to throw your hat in the ring yourself! Click here for contest rules and here for contributor guidelines.

Thank you writers, thank you readers, and thank you SmartPak for giving us this opportunity to reward the talented contributors who make Horse Nation possible.



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