Friday Flicks: Youtube Oscars

With the Academy Awards just a few days away, Horse Nation would like to take the time to recognize a few excellent horsey videos.

Best Original Score goes to Timme blows Raspberries because it’s awesome to a see a student and horse bonding…no matter what they’re doing.

Best Sound Mixing goes to “Dieks” for always sounding like he’s trotting out of the stable.

Best Visual Effects goes to Horses Blowing Bubbles in the Water for making two horses look very much like hippos.

Best Costume Design goes to this adorable little girl in a pink dress meeting a very cute pony.

Best Directing goes to the owner of Worth A Shot Farm for directing a whole lot of love between a horse and cat.  Awww….

Best Documentary goes to what I’m renaming Frogging and its Unseen Dangers: Uncontrollable Laughter and Unplanned Dismounts.

Best Cinematography goes to Horse Splashes Around in a Kiddie Pool, where one very hot gelding makes his owner’s backyard a full on splash zone.  “Aww…Duke…Oh my goodness…Take a load off.”

Best Actor in a Supporting Role goes to “Calvin” who knows how to lend a hand…erm…muzzle…around the barn.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role goes to the voice behind the camera of this awesome bloopers video.  She supports her friend by laughing incessantly, singing occasionally and adding in comments like “the gate is still open.”

Best Actor in a Leading Role goes to the lovely gelding in How to get on a Horse Bareback, because I have a sneaking suspicion he puts up with a lot of horse girl antics.

Best Actress in a Leading Role goes to this filly playing with a dog.  It’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

And drumroll, please…

Best Picture goes to Funny Horse Bites Cameraman’s Ear because it has everything…humor, suspense, horror, a brewing bromance…  Just watch and see.

Go Riding!


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