Video: Who Needs Modern Technology When You Have a Horse?

This contraption exercises your horse, does household chores and cuts your electric bill all in one fell swoop.


Need some milk churned? Clothes washed? Wood chopped? Water pumped? Modern technology is for suckers–all you need is a horse!

With adjustable slope and adjustable speed, the Alpha Ag/Athens Horse Treadmill isn’t all that different from the one you run on at the gym–except that your exercising equine is generating real, usable horse power. From the website:

The Athens Treadmill was designed and built by Amish as a means of energy to run washing machines, grain mills, hydraulic motors, pump water, split firewood, compress air, recharge batteries and even turn a refrigeration compressor to make ice. The machines have been field tested for 12 years without incident or injury to a horse…

Unlike wind and solar energy, a horse treadmill provides energy on demand – without relying on the sun shining or the wind blowing. Energy can be stored as compressed air without environmental impact or as electricity by charging batteries.  Process firewood by powering a saw and log splitter with the horse treadmill.  Cool your drinks by making ice for your ice box, or make 5 gallons of ice cream for your next party. The Horse Treadmill will astonish your quests with its simple design while showing your energy independence and environmental consciousness.”


Here’s another video of the treadmill in action:

Go Green, and Go Riding!


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