‘Horse on a Treadmill’ Is Weird Running Joke at Virginia Tech

An equine video clip on Virginia Tech’s long-running “Invent the Future” football halftime commercial has developed a cult following.

Here’s the original video of the horse, filmed at Virginia Tech’s Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center.

[Virginia Tech]

Just a regular old horse on a treadmill, right? Nope. This one has its own Twitter account…


…and fan base, which recently launched a petition to put Horse on a Treadmill on the VT football players’ helmets.


The petition has over 1,300 signatures from students like these:


During last weekend’s football game against Maryland, school officials surprised Tech fans with an edited version of the “Invent the Future” commercial that featured Horse on a Treadmill three different times. Gabrielle Minnich, electronic communications supervisor for Visual and Broadcast Communications in University Relations, told Collegiate Times, “We just wanted to make people happy during the last football game.”

Mission accomplished. Here’s a clip of the student reaction:

[Taylor White]

Go Horse on a Treadmill.


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