Hot or Not? Celebrity Equestrians

Welcome to Round 2 of Hot or Not? Celebrity Equestrians!  In case you missed it here’s Round 1.

HOT: Heidi Klum riding a horse named Charlie on her winter wonderland vacation in Utah.

NOT: A bloody-mouthed Heidi Klum riding a very concerned horse wearing a strange glittered bodysuit and wig for Halloween.

HOT: Katie Price making out with her polo-playing boyfriend while riding a horse…even if the relationship ends badly.

NOT: Miley Cyrus making out with a puppet horse…because that always ends badly.

HOT: Well-known celebrities posing with Mini horses on set.

NOT: Completely unknown “celebrities” almost drowning full-sized horses on reality TV…and smiling about it.

HOT: David Beckham riding with his sleeves rolled up.

NOT: Russian politician Vladimir Putin riding without sleeves…or even a shirt.  No.  That ain’t right.

HOT: Vintage photos of famous men, like Bing Crosby, with horses.

NOT: Twitter photos of “famous by association” men, like Dappy in Christmas themed onesies, with horses.

Potentially HOT:  Niall posing with a fan while riding.  (Note: I’ll be honest, I know nothing about One Direction or Niall but when I showed this picture to a teenage girl…she got all sweaty and weird.)

Potentially NOT: David Cassidy doing the “lean back” on a Palomino.  (Note: Again, I know nothing about The Partridge Family or David Cassidy but when I showed this picture to a menopausal woman…she got all sweaty and weird.)

Go Riding!


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