Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Over the last year we’ve been following the story of young event horse Fleeceworks Cinco. Recently his career took an exciting turn.

You may recall that Fleeceworks Cinco, a stunning gray Holsteiner owned by Fleeceworks’ Judy McSwain, began racking up the honors at a young age with event rider Tamra Smith. He got a few months off last year, March through September, on account of an unexpected growth spurt–he grew a whopping four inches from 16.2 hands to 17.2 hands during that time. As Tamie brought him back into work, she felt his gaits and dressage ability superseded his jumping and galloping ability. Cinco’s true calling was to be a dressage horse! Niki Clarke, Tamie’s friend and dressage coach who has evented through the two-star level and currently competes at Grand Prix, will be helping him reach his full potential in that area.

As announced on Fleeceworks’ Facebook page yesterday:



Photos used with permission from Judy McSwain

We look forward to following Cinco’s new dressage career–check out how fancy he is in his dressage test at Galway Downs!


Ooh la la. Yet while Cinco may be changing careers, you can bet on one thing staying the same: He’ll be taking his Fleeceworks Therawool square pads with him. This new line of pads uses the same wool  fibers used in our sheepskin pads and weaves them on to poly-acrylic backing, making it a sustainable fiber versus a live fiber. The pads are durable, breathable, washable, hydrophylic, elastic, and protective. In addition, they remain soft and plush even after washing–the product will not felt up after washing as with other wools currently on the market. They’re tough enough for every day and beautiful enough for the show ring.


Dressage-style Therawool Square Pad (also available in Jumping and Modified Jumping styles)

Go Fleeceworks, Go Cinco, and Go Riding!

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