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When Fleeceworks believes in something–whether it’s a product, or a program, or a rider–they stand behind it 100%. In the case of Fleeceworks Cinco, it’s a horse.

Fleeceworks’ faith in Cinco, a 16.3-hand grey Holsteiner gelding owned by Judy McSwain and ridden by Tamra Smith, paid off once again this year as he bested the competition at the USEA Young Event Horse West Coast Championships. The Championships took place Sept. 20 in Paso Robles, CA in conjunction with Twin Rivers Fall Horse Trials.

The program has both 4- and 5-year-old divisions and serves as a kind of “talent search” for the United States eventing stars of the future. Last year, Cinco won the 4-year-old division; this year, he won the 5-year-old division.

“He is undefeated in any of his Young Event Horse competitions over his 4-year-old and 5-year-old years,” Judith says.

In a recent article, Tamra told the United States Eventing Association that she credits the YEH program for starting Cinco’s eventing education off on the right foot.

“Through YEH Cinco has developed and matured without the pressures of competing in a horse trials, ultimately becoming braver and more confident with every outing,” she says.

Fleeceworks believes so strongly in the YEH program that it also participates as a sponsor, donating prizes to the winners of the Championships.

Throughout the series, Cinco competed in Fleeceworks Therawool pads through the series. This new line of pads uses the same wool  fibers used in our sheepskin pads and weaves them on to poly-acrylic backing, making it a sustainable fiber versus a live fiber. The pads are durable, breathable, washable, hydrophylic, elastic, and protective. In addition, they remain soft and plush even after washing–the product will not felt up after washing as with other wools currently on the market.

The Therawool Full Showhunter Pad

Congrats, Tamra and Cinco! We think you’re going places, for sure!

Go Fleeceworks, and Go Riding!

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