Daily Dose of Adorable: Meet Roozer Brewz

Roozer Brewz, a 19-inch tall “dwarf” horse, was born with angular limb deformities in all four of his legs. A Facebook campaign is raising funds for the corrective surgery he needs.

Now 2-years-old, Roozer Brewz (Roo) wears padded casts to support his legs. Roo may never be able to walk normally again, but with corrective surgery, he may be able to move comfortably and functionally. Unfortunately, such a surgery is expensive ($12,000 to $20,000) and owner Christine Clark can’t afford it.


Baby Roo (Photo via Roozer’s Facebook page)

Recently, however, Roo’s friends launched a Facebook fundraising effort that has already raised over $5,000 toward the cause.

“I made the commitment to him, that if he continues to have a good quality of life, that I would continue to advocate for him,” Clark told Today.com. “He is an absolute inspiration to me, so much more than people will ever know. I never imagined just how much.”

While awaiting surgery, Roo will continue touching the lives of all who meet him. His upcoming activities include visiting a local elementary school for an anti-bullying lecture, demonstrating to kids that it’s OK to be different.

Learn more about Roo or make a donation on his Facebook page here.

Even more cuteness!

Go Roo.

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