13 Things Your Significant Other Could Learn from Your Horse

In relationships, as with horses, there’s always room for improvement–so here are a few tips to pass along to your other half before Valentine’s Day.

It’s OK to be a little ‘fresh’ sometimes…

But you are expected to have some sort of job.

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And life is much happier if it’s a job you enjoy and are suited to.


Work hard, but don’t forget to appreciate the simple things.

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Eat plenty of roughage.


Because after a certain point in a relationship, no one’s really going to care if you fart.


Respect personal space.


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Pay attention to subtle cues.

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Keep the forward momentum going.


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But don’t forget how to unwind at the end of a long day.


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Sometimes you need to hire a professional, even if it is more expensive.

Even if you’re Stephen Colbert.

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Little details matter.

[Tumblr: dressagetothenines]

Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.


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Even if you’re covered in mud and horse hair, there’s nothing like a good snuggle.

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And most importantly…you’ve gotta have SKILLZ.


Go Riding!

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