5 Horsey Reasons the Broncos Will Win the Super Bowl

Seahawks or Broncos–for riders, there is no question.

I know next to nothing about football. However, it is obvious that there are some parallels between my preferred impact sport and football–and hey, sometimes it takes an outside eye to get some insight on the game. Here are the top reasons I’m rooting for the Broncos this year:

1. It’s the Chinese Year of the Horse, obviously!



2. The last time Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl, he was playing for the Colts. Coincidence? I think not.


[The Morning Call]

3. Horses love football.



Wait, no, not that kind of football.



That’s more like it.

4. The Broncos, being horses, might throw a tantrum, according to Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry.

NFL Player Bravely Overcomes Fear Of Own Team's Mascot


5. Just think about it. Which is scarier…a seahawk?


[10,000 Birds]

…or a rodeo bronco?

Bareback at he Calgary Stampede Rodeo Finals on July 12, 2009.

[Flickr: Duncan Kinney]


[Wikimedia Commons]


[Flickr: kanu101]

Yikes! I know which one I wouldn’t want to tangle with. Hopefully the Seahawks do too.

Got any other reasons the Broncos will win? Share in the comments below!

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