Your Turn: 5 Reasons Why Horses=Football

The Broncos and the Cowboys are playing today. But that’s not the connection, says Carla Lake.


For basically my entire life, I have hated sports. Hated them. I’m not good at them, I don’t care to learn the rules and I don’t enjoy watching them. Fans have no effect on whether a team wins or loses, so why get all worked up about it?

Of course, my boyfriend is a HUGE Cowboys fan who enjoys hosting all-day Sunday football fests at his house. And recently it dawned on me. Our hobbies are actually not that different.



They both bring huge highs and lows. His team lost. My horse is lame. Happiness=crushed.


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They require technical skill. Play calling, knowing exactly where the each player on the field is, player acquisition strategy. Do I know what any of this means exactly? No. But I take it that each of these aspects are similar to counting strides, scoring dressage movements and backing up a trailer.

Their fans are loyal, even obsessed. Meticulously making sure your horse’s mane is totally even long after a reasonable hour…screaming in vain at the television…is there really so much of a difference?


They involve huge amounts of money. Football players earn anywhere from $450,000 to $19.5 million, excluding advertising revenues. Teams devote countless research hours (and dollars) to figuring out which prospects will mesh best with their current lineup. Professional riders don’t even dream of such figures, but I definitely don’t want to compare how much money I’ve spent on horses over my life to what my boyfriend has spent on fantasy football leagues.


You can yell, but you know that if it came down to it, the “players” could squash you like a bug. Enough said.

So if (like me) you escape to the barn on football Sundays while your significant other is glued to the game…you might want to consider that you have more in common than you think. At the end of the day, we love our hobbies…but our significant others will never understand.

Go Riding.


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