How Compatible Are You and Your Equine Partner?

Are you and your horse a match made in heaven, or is your relationship doomed? Take Carrot Top’s quiz to find out!

Photos: Flickr via Carterse / Creative Commons

1. How did you spend Christmas day?

a) You were with your human family, your horse was with its equine family.

b) You took time from feasting and lame cracker jokes to visit your horse.

c) You and your horse went for a Christmas trail ride, because there’s no one else whose company you’d rather be in.

2. How often do you argue?

a) Constantly. Saddle cloth colours, the relative scariness of rubbish bins, whether or not dressage is a valuable pursuit… every topic is open slather.

b) Occasionally, but you can always work it out with a calm discussion and a timely gifted carrot.

c) Never, mainly because you would never do anything without your horse’s approval.

3. Do you have similar tastes?

a) One likes carrots, the other prefers apples; one loves cross country, the other is afraid of heights; one enjoys Adam Sandler movies, the other thinks he is the devil incarnate… and don’t get you guys started on the shaped vs. square saddle pad debate. You could say you are polar opposites.

b) You both like long walks on the beach and margaritas, but you also have individual interests (eg: you like to crochet ear bonnets, your horse just gets frustrated by this activity because those tiny hooks are really hard to maneuver with hooves).

c) Yes! Your horse loves sleeping outside, scratching her butt against trees and eating hay, and so do you.

4. Do you share the same friends?

a) Gosh, no. Your friends are scared of horses, and you think your horse’s friends are a bad influence (ever since his paddock buddy Pedro ripped that new $250 rug).

b) Yes, you have friends both horse and human and you all hang out as a group.

c) Your horse is the only friend you need!

5. Select the statement which best describes your relationship:

a) A tiring work in progress.

b) Mutually respectful and loving.

c) I spend so much time with my horse that my own mother is forgetting what I look like.

Add up your scores….

Mainly a’s: I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you two need to have The Talk. Either big changes must be made, or it could be time to register at

Mainly b’s: Congratulations, you seem to have a healthy and balanced relationship with your equine friend!

Mainly c’s: While your relationship with your horse is strong, I suggest broadening your horizons to include friends of the Homo Sapiens variety.  And please call your mother.


Carrot Top is a photo shy Australian who likes horses, riding of all disciplines, and colourful mis-matched socks. She and her mother each own 1 ½ horses (one cheeky young gelding, one wise older mare and another mare who frequently disproves the “crazy chestnut mare” stereotype). When Carrot Top’s family, friends, colleagues, strangers she meets on buses etc. have all tired of hearing about her horses, she turns to her blog Little Bay Horse. She was a horse-less horse-mad girl all through childhood, got her first horse at age 21 and has been making up for lost time ever since.

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