The Facebook Groups Riders Should Know About

Let’s be real here, wouldn’t Facebook be better with more horses and fewer people?

Just so you can waste even more time on Facebook, we’ve compiled a list of the most useful (and addicting) groups out there to add equine eye candy to your newsfeed.


Hint: Don’t ride like this

Rider’s Critique and Serious Riders, Serious Critique: Like any advice from strangers on the Internet, take with a grain of salt. However, this group is useful if you want to learn more about conformation, or if you want to train your eye to recognize both good and bad riding.



Equestrians from Back in the Day: Do natural jumpsĀ  and big, ground-covering strides in the hunter ring make you smile? Then this group is for you.



As Seen Through Horses’ Ears: Just what it sounds like. People share photos of their equine adventures from the saddle.



OTTB Connect: A great source to learn more about your OTTB’s history, find its relatives and share your adventures with other Thoroughbred fans.

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Horse Nation: If you’re here, you already know why you should like us on Facebook for daily horse ridiculousness.

Blogging from the Barn: If you have a horse blog, you already know how supportive most other horsey bloggers are. This small group offers another way to connect, with discussions often focusing on blogging goals and strategy.

Discipline organizations: Want to keep abreast of what’s going on with your chosen discipline, from due dates to which clinics are in your area? Look no further than the organization website and FB group.



Tack Trader Groups: And best for last…want even more temptation to spend money on stuff for your horse? Or do you just need a place to sell unwanted horsey stuff? Then add used, discount tack and apparel ads to your Facebook newsfeed by joining a tack trader group. However, make sure to read the guidelines, check the bad business and trusted sellers lists, and use Paypal with a tracking number for buyer and seller protection.

There are plenty of groups like these, including some that are regional, making it easier to take items on trial or to pick them up instead of shipping them.



Got any other favorite groups to add to the list? Share in the comments!