Best of HN 2013, #14: Dressage disasters

Between now and the New Year, we’re counting down HN’s most popular posts of 2013. With 35,713 views, here’s #14.

“Oh Crap” Moment of the Day: Dressage disasters by Wylie, published Nov. 5, 2013:

Inspired by yesterday’s “8 Movements That Aren’t in the New FEI Dressage tests, But Should Be” post, several readers volunteered to show us their own horses’ “airs above the ground.”

Anne Zahradnik and ALF Freetime first dressage show

Anne Zahradnik: “I’ve attached a photo of myself on my young horse at our first dressage show together. The judge gave me an 8 for rider balance.”

Daquiri broncing

Allison Kavey: “Dressage horse spooking at her very fancy Dressage at Devon ribbon. I actually stuck this!”

Ash kicking

Livia Schuller: “15 year old Ash expressing his dislike for dressage at The Maryland Horse Trials.”

Tango starts test

Meagan Parker: “This isn’t great quality, but this is my trainer’s KWPN, Tango, and I starting our bronze medal winning ride. I’d say this is a Hi-Ho Silver! as we were just about to move off of X after our first halt salute.”

Good work not falling off–and in at least one case going on to achieve a bronze medal qualifying score! Here are a few of our other all time favorite dressage moves:

The Halt, Salute, Proceed to Jump Out of the Ring:

[Electric Confetti]

The Freak Out Completely at the Sound of One’s Own Freestyle Music:


The Bolt When Random Riderless Horse Comes Careening Through the Ring:

[Rhett Savoie]

The Lose It Completely During the Most Important Dressage Test of Your Life:


Go Riding.

Horse Nation loves to honor its fallen soldiers. If you have an “Oh Crap” moment you’d like to share, email it to [email protected]!







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