8 Movements That Aren’t in the New FEI Dressage tests, But Should Be

Last week, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) released new dressage tests for 2014. Shockingly, these movements were not included… even in the Grand Prix Special. I believe the following movements are indeed special, can be executed at all levels, and warrant a score.

1. The Hi-Ho Silver. (Judged on suspension and balance.)

Photo: Jenni Autry, Eventingnation.com

Photo: Jenni Autry, eventingnation.com

2. The Buck You. (Judged on extension and clarity of movement.)

dressage buck

dressage buck rear


3. The Spook at Judge. (For a lesser coefficient, this can be performed as Spook at Flower Box, Spook at Realization Horse is in Arena ALONE, Spook at Terrifying Noise of Gravel Kicked Against Arena Panels.)



4. The Snob. Scored on elevation (of nose in air) and expression (of distaste).

dressage chesnut snob


5. The (Bucking) Flying Change. (Judged on self-carriage.)

dressage buck2


6. The Bolt. (Judged on ability to cover utmost ground. And speed.)

whitehorse bolt


7. The Dismount. (Judged on engagement–with ground.)

dressage dismount


8. The Exit. (Can be performed at A, or, for the more advanced athlete, anywhere else. Beats the Halt & Salute by miles as an impressive way to conclude a test. )

dressage exit

If you have pictures of yourself and your dressage partner executing any of these special moves, please send them to [email protected], and we’ll have an expert judge them.


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