Which reindeer is your horse? Take this quiz to find out!

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen or the one-and-only Rudolph…. they’re all “special” in their own way.

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From Shara:

Given that horses are indeed flighty creatures, it’s puzzling Santa didn’t choose them to pull his rig. Most ponies would easily fly if there was a contraption full of crinkly, shiny wrapping paper behind them. Not to mention a fat dude yelling “HO!” Grab some nog and see which reindeer profile best matches your horse.

Dasher. Fleet of foot with lightening reflexes and the ability to go from “napping” to 60 in three seconds. Unfortunately, he uses these skills to allude capture in the pasture.



Dancer. He high kicks like the world’s hairiest Rockette, and spins like Baryshnikov on steroids–all while the farrier’s working on his pedicure.

Dancer warms up

Dancer warms up


 Prancer. Oh the piaffes! The passage! The impressive pirouettes! Unfortunately, Prancer’s not a dressage horse.

He busts out these moves on the trail. 

Prancer prepares to pirouette

Prancer prepares to pirouette


Vixen. Shamelessly flirtatious with all the boys, Vixen’s always looking for love and ain’t afraid to be loud about it. Often stands in the pasture, loudly pining for passion. Vixen is usually a gelding.

Hellooo boys!

Hellooo boys!


Comet. If the cleaning product of the same name came in a horsey-version, this guy would need a sleigh load of it. Every single year. He loves decking himself with boughs of thistles, manure stains and crusted-on mud.



Cupid. The bringer of love, the archer of amorous arrows, you can’t help love Cupid. Which is good, because he’s also endlessly involved with other sharp objects, which come with endless vet bills. If there’s a nail on the ground, he’ll find it. Branch in the pasture? Puncture wound.

Keeping Cupid safe

Keeping Cupid safe


Donner. Named after the old Dutch word for “thunder,” this horse truly is capable of earth-shaking flatulence–which he almost always demonstrates in the show ring.

Blitzen. The most ironically named horse on the team, named after the old Dutch word for “lightning,” this steed’s no Seabiscuit–unless it’s feeding time. 

Blitzen can't be hurried

Blitzen can’t be hurried


Rudolph. The “special” horse. Spooks at things other horses don’t even notice. Incurs vet bills for ailments you’ve never heard of. Requires special shoes. Custom saddle a must. Has caused you more bruises, scars and broken bones than any other equine you’ve owned. But you wouldn’t give him up for all the goodies in Santa’s sleigh, because Rudolph is the one that lights up your life.



Happy holidays, and Go Riding!


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