Yesterday in Chicago: And suddenly, a loose horse galloping down the street

The horse was safely returned to its home, but not before a bicyclist captured the runaway equine’s escapades on video.


According to the YouTube description, cyclist Kathleen King spotted the horse on as it was heading north on Wells Street in Old Town, after which it turned right onto a busy North Avenue.

“Forrest Gump” had escaped from the Noble Horse theater, where it was being used to pull an antique coaching carriage. Stable manager Daniel Sugrue says he was tied to a wall while its owner was getting ready to put him on a trailer and he got loose.

Sugrue told ABC 7 he wasn’t sure where the horse was heading.

“If it was a city horse, it would have just found a patch of grass and stayed put,” he said. “I don’t know, maybe it was looking to walk into a bar.”

Huffington Post reported that “Oddly enough, horses also escaped from the theatre stable exactly one year ago Wednesdayas well as one month ago.”

Sugrue defended the stable to ABC 7, explaining, “A drunk guy opened the gate because he thought the horses should be ‘free,'” Sugrue said. “Eight of them got loose.”

The horse was returned to its stable without injury.

Go Riding.


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