‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day: Loose horse!!!

A Friesian stallion miraculously keeps his composure when a loose mare comes tearing past the arena during his Intermediare-1 freestyle.

Horse Rembrandt and rider Brooke Voldbaek remained calm and collected throughout the fiasco and, despite the distraction, won their class on a combined score of 67.500%. They were later awarded the Dressage at DevonWood’s Sportsmanship Award–and deservingly so!

Here’s the video:


Interested in breeding to a stallion that’s gorgeous, athletic AND has an apparently bombproof temperament? Learn more about Rembrandt here.

A big thanks to Equine Video Productions for the video! They provide state-of-the-art video and video production services to the Northwestern United States equestrian community–keep them in mind for all your farm, breeding program, business, product or event promotion needs. Also, shout-out to reader Liz Lawson-Weber for bringing this great “Oh Crap” moment to our attention!

Go Riding.

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