Found on Imgur: Elephant show ‘jumping’ for the win

When this curious GIF appeared on Imgur approximately 41 minutes ago, HN reader Kate McCall Gardner immediately sent it our way. Because she KNEW it was important.

Here’s the GIF:



I know. It’s OK if you need to take a moment here to wrap your head around what you’re watching on this computer screen.

After watching this elephant plow through the jump 50 or so times, I knew I needed to get to the bottom of it ASAP. I did some deep Googling and resurfaced with the original video, a 2009 commercial for Australian beer Carlton Dry.

Here’s the commercial in its entirety:


Ant Keogh, Creative Director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, explains in this Campaign Brief interview: “It’s about those ideas you have with your mates at two o’clock in the morning; dreams that inspire you but rarely ever see the light of day — many times for good reason. We thought to ourselves, ‘What if Carlton Dry could help people make them real?'”

Themes of other commercials in the campaign included attempting to break the land speed record for rubber chicken racing and skeet shooting with a real tank (complete with live ammunition).

Amazing find, Kate. Readers, if you should stumble upon something exceptionally strange or amazing on the Internet that needs to be shared with the Horse Nation, email it to [email protected] or post a link on our Facebook page.

Go Riding.


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