Showjumper Hannah Selleck is the spokesmodel for Reviver, a ‘deodorant for clothes’

She says she uses it “every day after leaving the barn to ensure that my clothes smell fresh.” Question: BUT YOU AREN’T WEARING CLOTHES.

It’s not Hannah’s first modeling gig.


Hannah in an ad for Allon Equestrian.

In addition to being gorgeous, Tom Selleck’s daughter is also a kick-butt equestrian. Here she is competing her Grand Prix horse Bauer in the Land Rover Ride and Drive (literally, you do a course of jumps, dismount, and race around an obstacle course in a Land Rover) at the Sacramento International Horse Show earlier this year.


And then, along came Reviver, “a revolutionary odor-neutralizing swipe that lets you instantly and discreetly eliminate unwanted aromas that cling to clothes and hair.”

Reviver Product

Hannah explained in a press release,

I am a professional show jumper and spend a lot of my time at the barn with my horses. When I found out about Reviver–it was amazing.  Now I use it every day after leaving the barn to ensure that my clothes smell fresh. I also keep a Reviver swipe in my purse to use when I’m out at the bars and clubs and around friends who smoke… It’s like a breath mint for my clothes. When I heard Reviver was looking to do a high fashion editorial photo shoot with the world famous photographer Gavin Bond, I definitely wanted to be a part of it.”

No horses ended up in the ad campaign. (Which is fine because, let’s be real here, horses smell good!) Instead, they presented the following instances in which Reviver might come in handy:

Reviver_Hannah Evening

After you’ve been lounging around a dumpster in a ball gown.

Reviver_Hannah Steak

After eating a giant steak with your bare hands.

Reviver_Hannah Gym

After a working out just hard enough to achieve a dewy glow.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot:

[Reviver Clothing Swipes]

Learn more at or pick some up at your local Walgreens.

Go Riding.


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