VIDEO: Sad Horse Diaries

It’s finally here! Horses are finally getting a chance to whine, complain and stew over their plots for our demise on Youtube.

Thanks to all who responded to our call for submissions–it was so hard to narrow them down! Not all are sad, exactly, but we kept with a certain tragicomic theme, as you’ll see. Enjoy!

And for those of you who are (ahem) at work and can’t view the video right now, here’s a little preview:

Dear Diary,

My person doesn’t understand why I am so dramatic about walking into the rattly metal box of death. Does she not understand that it’s called the rattly metal box of death? I have tried everything to show her how dangerous the rattly metal box of death is, but, alas, she persists in her demands. She has gone so far as to trick me with delicious sticky brown sugar on grain served inside the rattly death trap. I was quite irritated to find the door of the death box on wheels shut when I finished my snack. Stay tuned, because this mare will not be fooled again.

–Nancy Dodd Stifter

Dear Diary,
Today, my person began asking me to be an equine pretzel. “Walk straight,” she says. “Now bend to the left,” she says. “Now move your body to the right,” she says. “That’s a counter-bend turn,” she says. She’s making me car sick. But horses can’t vomit, so I will die, bloated by the contents of my churning stomach.

–Megan Rust

Dear Diary,

I have been alive now for 13 years, and I’ve seen a thing or two in my time. But something that always peaks my curiosity is these strange objects that the humans try to make me jump over. I assume it is because they lack the ability to jump. To give them the thrill, I like to go as fast as I can and then stop right before going over it to give them the sensation of jumping themselves. One day they will appreciate the things I do for them.

–Byron LaFleur

Special thanks to all the readers who submitted their photos and stories for this video. This wouldn’t be possible without you!

Go Riding.


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