Sad Horse Diaries Contest: Horse Nation Needs Your Help!

First there was Sad Cat Diary. Then there was Sad Dog Diary. Isn’t it time horses had a chance to air their grievances?

You know, it’s just not fair that cats get the lion’s share of airtime on the Internet.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Has a cat ever tried to carry over 100 pounds of uncoordinated human on its back? No. Horses have problems too, and the hard-hitting journalists of Horse Nation have taken it upon themselves to get the scoop, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve uncovered in our research thus far:

Dear Diary,

I am convinced this place is haunted. The authorities apparently cannot see these spiteful apparitions that hang in the air around them, but I believe that if I can cause one of them great enough head trauma, I may be to jog some sense into them. Tomorrow, during my afternoon ride, at first sign of a ghost, I will try out my hypothesis. Wish me luck.

Dear Diary,

It worked! The human was clearly made aware of the apparition. She seemed as annoyed as I, stomping around. She pointed at me when talking to her herd mates, clearly spreading word of the success of my experiment. I even caught the human word for the apparitions. They have dubbed them, “plastic bags.” Fascinating. More research will be required immediately.

Your Horse Could Raise Awareness of Sad Horses Everywhere

Is your horse struggling with a life that is just so, so unfair? Like when he totally deserves a cookie, but there are no cookies to be had? Or when humans disturb his carefully-constructed 24-hour  regimen of beauty sleep and eating?

Awareness is the first step to solving this worldwide issue. Submit a photo or video and your horse could be an ambassador for equines everywhere.

Here’s how to submit a close-up photo or video (~30 seconds):

  • Email to [email protected]
  • Share a photo or video on the HorseNation Facebook page (for video, we might need to contact you to email the original version for the best quality)
  • Share a link to your photo or Youtube video in the comments below!

Go Riding.


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