Non-Riders Say the Darndest Things

We kid because we love. And because we’ve all heard it a million times.

[top image: FryBreadWhiteBread]

Once you’ve been involved with horses for a while, you know that most representations of horses in TV, movies and even news are woefully inaccurate…which leads non-horse people to say things that amuse, appall, and make it difficult to keep a straight face while you set them straight. For example:

Doesn’t the horse do all the work?


Oh, I love equestrian boots! I have like three pairs!


[Dolce & Gabbana]

Can I ride your horse? I went on a trail ride when I was a kid!

Peep Show flatsharing rules

[Daily Mirror]

Isn’t that a bit much to spend on a hobby?

money[Frugal Horse Live Journal]

Why do you still take lessons? Don’t you know how to ride by now?

instructor and student


Yeah, I get it’s a Thoroughbred, but what breed is it?


Why do you blindfold the horses?



Ew, horse poop.


[Flickr: Adventures of KM&G-Morris]

How long does it take for a pony to grow up?

Shaggy ponies can still run fast.

[Wikimedia Commons]

Does he have rabies?


[Wikimedia Commons]

When’s your next race?

You smell like a horse.

[Horse Nation]

When are you going to grow out of this horse thing?


Don’t get your hopes up on that last one…

Go Riding!


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