Eau de Equus

Shara Rutberg looks into a line of fragrances designed to mimic the scent of a barn–except, she argues, they left out a few key smells.

From Shara:

“If you love riding, or just fantasize about it, you'll love this one,” tempts Demeter, the company that sells this fragrance for ten bucks per half ounce in a spray, or $25 for four ounces of diffuser oil (so an entire ROOM can smell of saddles, just imagine!).

Reviewers on the site love Saddle. “Wonderful!…it pairs well with Riding Crop and also with Fresh Ginger,” writes Rita from NYC.

They might also enjoy these:

THRUSH: The ultimate gift for the birthday girl/boy with a foot fetish.

FLY SPRAY: Apply liberally to ensure maximum carcinogenic effects.

MANURE: Also available as turd-shaped car freshener to dangle from your rear view mirror.

START BOX: Completely addictive.

Go Riding.

Shara Rutberg plays Powerball and tries very, very hard not to disqualify herself and her draft cross Puppy from events in Boulder, Colorado, where she is constantly looking for rides to schooling and events. Like the Colorado Horse Park Horse Trials, Oct. 12. Reach her at [email protected].


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