Let’s Discuss: Do Horses+Weddings=Disaster?

There’s only one way for it to go right, and a million ways to go very, very wrong.

[top image:AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com]

I’ve always been the type more likely to dream about the perfect barn or the ultimate tricked-out trailer than my perfect wedding. Because really–I’d get a lot more use out of heat lamps or an in-wall horse vacuum.

So when I popped the big question to my boyfriend and got engaged a few weeks ago, many non-horsey friends  seemed flabbergasted that I don’t want to ride down the aisle on a gallant steed. Because seriously, what is the payoff for hours of listening to me bemoan my horse’s persistent case of scratches if there won’t be an equine wedding appearance?

To this, I simply shake my head and know–really, I’m just protecting them from awkward moments like this:


[via icanhascheezburger]

And this:


[Wedding Unveils]

And this:

And downright dangerous moments like these:

Really, there is no shortage of reasons NOT to bring 1000+ pounds of cray into a moment that is sure to be  recorded and posted online to haunt you forever.

Come on, if even Prince Charles and Kate Middleton can’t get all of the horses to behave at their wedding…I’d rather not test my luck!

Plenty of people do use horses in their weddings without incident, though (but that makes for much less entertaining videos). Where do you weigh in on having horses in weddings?

Go Riding.

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