Bridesmare Steals Show at Wedding

Wearing nothing but a halter and a strategically placed bow, this unusual wedding party member waited in the churchyard while her owner got hitched.

Top photo via Caters New Agency.

When British eventer Alex Wells, 28, planned her wedding, her choice of bridesmaids was an easy one: her two best friends, Lianna Bourne, 28, and Toffee, 17. Wells has known Toffee for 13 years–eight years longer than her relationship with her new husband, Graham Sales.

“Toffee is part of the family and is so important to me, I even asked her permission to get married,” Wells told the Daily Mail.

Her husband knew exactly what he was getting into, and where he stands in the family: second to the horse. “Alex goes to see Toffee twice a day and will spend weekends with her, so I am always competing with her for attention,” he said.


Toffee seems less than overjoyed with her (mom’s) new groom

Unfortunately, Toffee was not allowed in the Nottinghamshire church for the ceremony, though based on photos she seemed quite content to nibble on the church yard lawn during the nuptials. She was on hand when the rest of the wedding party emerged for the official portraits.


The bridesmare was eager to get back to the lawn buffet.

Go Riding.


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