Friday Flicks: ‘Pippi Enters a Horse Show’

Too old for cartoons? Nah. Amanda Ronan follows Miss Longstocking into the show ring.

From Amanda:

The cartoon Pippi Enters a Horse Show begins with our protagonist Pippi asking, “What shall I do today?”

After following a group of equestrians, Pippi finds herself at a jump course. To the amusement of the snooty crowd, Pippi decides to enter her and Horse in the big show the next morning. Let the training begin!

Pippi sets up a course consisting of a hammock, a row of trash cans and finally a woodpile. Sounds like every backyard cross country course I’ve ever seen. And she’s doing it all bareback and without a bridle… again, nothing too outlandish for a future eventer.

Horse, however, is not amused. He’d much rather take a nap or eat, so Pippi decides to lower the jump.

Nice, inviting, and small.  Surely Horse will jump this time!

Still not working for him, so Pippi decides maybe she should show him how it’s done.

Everything gets more complicated when Pippi’s friends say, “You have to wear the right clothes or they take points off!” Her friends worry that Pippi and Horse will be the laughing stock of the town.

Regardless and decked out in her brand new boots, blazer and top hat, Pippi is fresh and ready the morning of the show. Horse, at the very least, is well rested.

Enter cranky show manager. She’s mean, she’s organized, and she has a ceremonial buggy. Best watch yourself, son.

The competition, well, it doesn’t go great for Pippi and Horse. Horse scratches his butt on jump 1, gets a drink out of the liverpool, and eats the decorative roses at the final jump.

Then all heck breaks loose during the ribbon ceremony. The show manager loses control of her buggy!


Can Pippa and Horse save the day?!? You’ll just have to watch and see!

This little cartoon did not disappoint. Pippa and Horse did not do wonderfully at the show but never once did she pout about what she didn’t have… overpriced show clothes, a full trained horse of perfect breeding, a saddle. This girl just kept on keepin’ on, had some fun, and did her thing. You have to love that.

Pippi Longstocking (1998) originally aired in Canada but full episodes are available on Youtube. This episode is Season 1, Episode 9.

I give Pippi Enters a Horse Show 3 Golden Horseshoes.


Watch it now!

Go Riding.


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