Your Turn: Getting hitched on the farm

Melanie Eberhardt shares the story of how her barn community banded together to create a one-of-a-kind wedding for one of its boarders.

From Melanie:

I really enjoy being part of a boarding facility. Being a community member with like-minded horse lovers is spiritually lifting, sparks my competitive nature and just plain makes me happy. I learn something from the people at the barn every time I go. We tease and cajole one another to be better horse owners and riders. When someone is down or hurt, there’s always an encouraging word or helpful hand extended. But, the best part of a great barn community is when there’s an occasion to celebrate.

Such was the case a few weeks ago when horse friends Adrienne and Romney announced their engagement. Their initial plans to marry at city hall quickly evolved into a ceremony at the farm WITH HORSES! Everyone at the barn leaped to action.

Farm owners, Elizabeth and Barry of Bits & Bytes Farm, became our ringleaders and all the boarders stepped in to play a role. It was a hectic month of planning and activities. Each boarder contributed based on their personal strengths and interests–one woman owns a restaurant and she provided wait staff, one woman is an activity coordinator and she hooked us up with tables and chairs, another boarder owns a bridal website and she planned decorations and centerpieces. Even our farrier contributed bottling his homegrown vintage wine for the ceremony.

Everyone participated–which was not at all surprising.

The wedding day was picture perfect. The ceremony held in the pasture and of course the doings included horses. As I listened to Adrienne and Romney exchange their vows I looked around at the horses, dogs and guests gathered to witness this joyful occasion. I thought about the endless generosity and support given unconditionally by every person standing in that field. We had one goal–to make this day memorable for our friends. Horse people are simply the best!

Special thanks to wedding photographer Erin Michelle Wheeler for providing the images for this post.


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