From Whoa to Ho: Instructor was madam

A British riding instructor was busted for helping run a brothel. What’s your trainer’s second job?

We all know teachers of all types don’t get paid as much as they should. Riding instructors, in particular, can struggle to make ends meet, what with the cost of insurance and the care and feeding of their classroom ponies. Often, they must get day jobs.

For one British instructor, her second gig was more of a night position.

Jenine Jones, a British riding instructor, was charged with helping to run a seedy brothel in the U.K, according to the Express. The 41-year-old was busted on the roof of a run-down building that held a brothel on the second floor and a motorcycle shop on the first. Jones was not wearing boots or britches when she was busted.

Police caught the otherwise-known-as-respectable Jones red-handed in nothing but a robe on the roof. “‘Thank God it’s you! I thought we were being robbed,'” she told police, according to the Daily Mail.

The instructor/madam lived in a semi-detached home in a pretty village 60 miles from the house of ill repute. Her own home is reputed to be worth about $643,200.

As assistant madam, Jones took in about $650 a day from Eastern European prostitutes who used the brothel. It was not mentioned if she told them to keep their eyes up and heels down.

What’s your instructor’s second job?



 Go Riding.


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