In the News: Horse-riding suburban mom arrested in pot bust

Authorities say Andrea Sanderlin allegedly ran a sophisticated multimillion-dollar marijuana ring. Well, that’s one way to afford your horse habit.

In a plotline plucked straight from the Showtime series Weeds, the mother of two from Scarsdale, New York, was leading a double life.

According to this article in Horse Talk NZ, “Andrea Sanderlin, 45, has been driving with one of her daughters to the riding school in Bronxville for the past year to improve her riding, and competed for the first time in March, winning several ribbons.”

But she was financing her lifestyle with an illegal pot-growing operation based out of a New York City warehouse. Over $3 million worth of hydroponic marijuana was discovered during the raid.

“The warehouse was filled with over $3 million worth of hydroponic marijuana and the organization covertly produced nearly 3,000 marijuana plants,” Crowell said.

According to ABC News, “Authorities said a search of Sanderlin’s property uncovered books on laundering money and how to grow pot along with equestrian gear.”

Sanderlin has pleaded not guilty to narcotics offenses that could get her 10 years in prison. For now she is being held in jail though her lawyer is pressing for her release, calling the charges “shocking to anyone who knows her.”

He told ABC News, “She has never been in trouble. She is a full time mother and she is an equestrian.”

A big thanks to our friend John Mason for the tip.

Go riding.

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