Bottoms Up: Bum-proofing your jumper

Can your horse jump the moon(s)? Horse & Hound caught this great deal on eBay for a completely unique set of jump fillers.

They’re available in both sexes, in a “used condition.”

The creative seller suggests sanding, painting, or even putting pants on them. Finally, a use for those old britches you can’t bear to part with.

Sustainable (made from recycled mannequins!) and eye-catching, the set’s a screaming deal at about $56 for three. (Additional charge to get your bottoms across the Atlantic.)

The seller does note that the bottoms have not passed any relevant safety standards.

Speaking of standards, if you hurry up and bid, you might be able to snag three of these full-size, slightly used, fiberglass mannequins for “one low price!” These our available on our side of the ocean. You, will, however, have to provide your own head. Use two as standards, the other as a hitching post beside the portapotty.

full size mannequin


Go Riding.


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