Brony Nation: My Little Pony joins the Air Force

Fear not, fellow Americans. A very special squadron of U.S. Air Force pilots-in-training are patrolling our skies with very special–perhaps even magical–badges on their flight suits.

Members of Vance Air Force Base Class 14-05 are zooming around Oklahoma airspace with pastel pink and purple My Little Pony patches.

Remember Goose and Mav's “Top Gun” rallying cry, “I feel the need… the need for speed!”

Well these airmen shout: “Flying is magic!”

Each class at Vance designs and buys its own patch. “The purpose of a class patch is to develop camaraderie, morale, and unity within a pilot training class,” First Lt. Tom Barger, a public affairs officer for Vance, told WIRED. “It is a token of esprit de corps.”

And of sassy pastel fashion sense.

The My Little Pony patch suggestion for the class patch began as a joke, but made it through the final vote. “They thought it was so off the wall that it was hilarious,” Barger said. “They have embraced the irony and humor of the patch and in so doing have fostered closer ties with each other.”

They might be the first brony squadron, but they're not the first military bronies. Forget don't ask, don't tell when it comes to My Little Pony.  They've got their own Facebook page.

military bronie fb

And have been captured on YouTube, where footage shows a enlisted bronies watching the episode of the cartoon where Rainbow Dash goes off to Wonderbolt Academy (which is just like the Air Force Academy, but with magical ponies).

“You can be my wingman anytime, Rainbow Dash.”

Go My Little Ponies.


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