Best of Craigslist: Best horse ad ever PLUS ‘greenbroke 5-foot jumper for sale’ follow-up

Craigslist is setting ’em up and knocking ’em down this week.

First, from Craigslist-San Antonio by way of reader Alison Kennedy:

POS AQHA Gelding Sorrel – $200 (St. Hedwig)

POS AQHA sorrel gelding-5 years old. Bronc stomper deluxe-rears, kicks, might bite. Has Alzheimer’s-have to start all over each day. Husband got kicked in knee, struck in face, then had a heart attack. Wife mad and thinks horse might be a candidate for dog food can. Can catch and may load in stock trailer. No coggins as we like our vet too much to injure him. Got anything to trade?? Must sign disclaimer against possible injury. Horse is in round pen waiting for you COWBOY! This is not a joke or written to be funny.

852-9233 please text or email


Wow, they REALLY don’t like that horse. But wait, there’s more! Remember this Craigslist ad from earlier in the week? Greenbroke jumper for sale, jumping 4-5 ft – $2000 (Greenback, TN)

Intrepid event rider Chelsey Sawtell of Nashville, TN, went to have a look. Somebody had to go see if it was a Grand Prix prospect, right? And… it promptly bucked her off.

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