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Say “carrot”! We love getting photos and videos of our readers and their horses–here are a few of our favorites from the month of September.

Top, from Donald Dubé. Donald writes, “This horse’s name is Free. We got Free when our son was just two years old. He was then a yearling. We called him Free for two reasons: 1) he was free and 2) we freed him. Free was full of mites, worms, skinny and unhealthy. He was wild and terrified. Since the begining, Free and Gabriel have had a connection that no one can break–that is what this picture showcases. Free had been untouched so, the first two months that he was with us, we had to keep a halter on his face and a two-foot lead. Otherwise, we couldn’t catch him. When we wanted Free, we would ask Gabriel to go get his horse. He would walk right up to him, grab the small lead and say, “Got him, dad!” And we were then able to approach Free. Gabriel is now six and Free is now four-and-a-half. Next year, we hope Gabriel will finally be able to ride his Free.”


From Shelly Herring:


“My son Dalton Herring and mare Docs Buena Rey (aka Dolly)”


From Tobae Love:


“This is me and The Pony Princess.”

From Kelly Caldwell:


“Narrow Gate Dulcina *aka Doodlebug* & I, Virginia. Or, as I call her when riding bareback and bridleless, Nakey Doodle Dandy.”


From Denise Seiler Proctor:


“This is my daughter and her horse, Hailey. She was teaching Hailey to smile.”


From Susie Koos Acker:



From Samantha Jane Saap:


“Derringer, 11-year-old quarter horse. My baby boy.”


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Go Riding!

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