HN Reader Photo Booth

Say “carrot”! We love getting photos of our readers and their horses–here are a few of our favorites from the month of July.

Top: Our friends at Flatbroke Farm (best farm name EVER?!?) sent us this hilarious pic.


Aimee Towell sent us this photo in response to Thursday’s “Oh Crap” Moment of the Day, which featured a dressage horse “lightening his load” during the salute. She writes, “In the spirit of saluting the judge, here’s my 18-year-old OTTB halting at X after an excellent test. He blew my expectations out of the water, and it looks like he knew it. Love this horse.”


Is he seriously sticking his tongue out at the judge? We give it a “10”!


Joanna Litwinowicz Skwarska says, “I took some of the inspirations from your website (“19 Breathtaking Photos of Brides on Horseback“) and the results are awesome!!! Love these pics, and one of them I send to you:) THANK YOU!”


What a gorgeous pair! And the bride and groom aren’t bad-looking, either;)


Ally Smith posted this photo of her horse/bus Kye on Horse Nation’s Facebook page.


Sweet ride, Ally!


Patricia Franz shared this photo, which is cute enough by itself, but her caption just sent it over the edge: “Hey Horse Nation–Does this taildoo make my butt look big??”


Adorable. Hope your show went well!


Joshua Levitre shared this photo of himself and his horse, Jax, after a Fourth of July parade.


That’s the Horse Nation spirit!


Share YOUR horse photos with Horse Nation by posting them on our Facebook page or emailing them to wylie@horsenation.

Have a great weekend, and Go Riding!

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