News: Man, horse, pug make it to Utah in time for family wedding

You remember this story from a couple weeks ago, right? Here's the thrilling conclusion.

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Despite a delay in Boulder after the man was arrested for drunk riding, 45-year-old Patrick Schumacher, horse Dillon and pug Bufford, who rides along in Schumacher’s backpack…



…made it 600 miles to Bryce, Utah, in time for Schumacher's brother's wedding.

They had a little help. From the Salt Lake Tribune

Schumacher said he made it on horseback to Grand Junction, where he met up with someone able to drive him and his horse the rest of the way into Utah.

Awww, I bet that was a happy reunion.

“My brother and his sweetie just went to the justice of the peace,” Schumacher said Friday.

Wow, riding a horse 600 miles to watch your brother get married at the courthouse sure is dedication. Let's celebrate their peril-fraught journey and family-friendly finale with this special video, of a pug's reaction to the heartwarming ending of Homeward Bound:

Go Riding.


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