5 Ways Horse Shopping Is Like Dating

Finding THE ONE isn't easy, whether of the horse or human variety. Maat van Uitert ruminates on the search for love.

From Maat:

Before you find THE ONE we all know you have to kiss a lot of frogs. Or, in our case, horses! Here’s 5 funny ways horse shopping is like dating.

1. Setting up that first date

We’ve all been there. You’ve searched and searched. But, like Rapunzel, still no prince. Then there it is. That tingle of excitement when you see the photo of the horse that might be THE ONE. He’s perfect–on paper. You call the seller, and you’re a little nervous. Is he still on the market? What’s he really like? Does he have any bad habits? And that excitement when you find out he’s not taken, he’s available! You set up a “first date” and wait with a thrill at the possibility of meeting THE ONE.


2. Are you that into each other?

Sure, he’s dazzling. And pretty. And everything in between. But glitz aside, are you that into each other? Is this the four-legged partner that you’re meant to be with? It’s hard sometimes to cut through rose-colored lenses and know if you’re as into that sale horse as he is into the treats in your pockets. (That’s where your friends come in–to analyze every tiny detail of “the date”!)


3. Who’s buying?

Or, in our language, the price negotiation process. So you’ve met your horse, and you’re pretty sure you’ve found Mr. Right, and he’s gorgeous and everything you’ve waited for. And according to the vet, he’s a healthy specimen exemplary of his species. Just like on a date, there’s that awkward moment when monetary logistics need to be discussed, and every one just wants to dance around until that final moment someone pulls out their credit card. It helps that, since both parties are into horses, neither has any money, which makes those negotiations a little simpler.


4. “Where are we going?” or having THE conversation

This is a toughie. You’ve tried your potential equine husband several times, and now you‘re asking where this relationship is headed. And, naturally, you’re not getting a response. Well, part of that’s because he’s a horse, but some are meant for flirting, and some are meant for that deeper connection, and some will just disappoint. It’s about chemistry, and unfortunately, we can‘t hurry love, we just have to wait. Which leads us to…


5. If you don’t know, then you know

I can’t remember who said this nugget of wisdom, but we‘ve all been there, trying to decide if this horse is your future match. I had a client try TG many times, vet him, and still waffle back and forth about whether TG was THE ONE. Rather than sell him to an owner that might have buyer’s remorse, I suggested she check out the other fish in the sea, because when the right one comes along, it will all click into place. In other words, if we’re not sure we’ve found THE ONE, then we probably haven’t, so we have to “date” multiple horses, and see what comes our way!


Go Riding.

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Maat van Uitert is a Grand Prix dressage trainer and USDF “L” judges program participant based in Loxahatchee, FL. Maat has a successful training and sales business and matches horses with happy riders. Check her out on her website: www.jsdressage.com

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Maat with her Holsteiner stallion Jotunheimen’s Chamonix SSH (left) and her OTTB Jotunheimen’s TopGear 82 (right).

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