Daily Dose of Adorable: Disabled mini-horse learns to use a tiny wheelchair

Remember Roozer Brewz? We wrote about him a few months back. Here’s the latest update.

To review, Roozer Brewz was born with what’s called “windswept legs” and angular limb deformities.


Baby Rooz

By age two, the 19-inch-tall “dwarf” mini from Kansas City had touched the lives of many people, visiting hospitals and cheering up sick children. He also became the face of an anti-bullying campaign in schools, showing kids that it’s OK to be different.


Sometimes he even wore little outfits!

Roozer’s owner launched a fundraising campaign on Facebook to help Roozer get the medical attention he needed, in hopes that someday he could live a normal pony life. They raised almost $10,000!!!


If I had any money in my bank account, I would definitely give it to Roozer Brewz.

In May, Roozer went to the University of Florida, where a team of experts formulated a plan for their tiny patient.


Roozer was so tired after a long day at the vet!

The vets decided that the best course of action was corrective shoeing, a joint health program and a set of wheels to off-load weight from his back so he could get stronger.

Here he is earlier this week, learning how to use his brand new wheelchair:


Go Roozer Brewz.

All photos via Roozer Brewz’ Facebook page.

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