Quiz Answers: Get to know these famous horses

It’s time to reveal the identities of the famous horses from the quiz I posted yesterday! How many did you guess correctly? Click the names of each of the horses below to learn more about their history and achievements.

Top photo: Templado performs in a Cavalia show


Quiz Answers:

Pegasus — Famous winged horse from Greek mythology

Unicorn — A legendary creature with origins in European folklore

Bucephalus — Alexander the Great’s war horse

Incitatus — The favorite horse of the Roman emperor Caligula

Rocinante — Don Quixote’s horse from the novel by Miguel de Cervantes

Eclipse — 18th-century undefeated British racehorse

Serko — Peshkov’s mount in a 5,000-mile ride across Russia

Clever Hans — An Orlov Trotter who could solve math problems

Trigger — Roy Rogers’ co-star in films

Seabiscuit — A champion American racehorse and symbol of hope

Milton — Famous British show jumper ridden by John Whitaker

Jappeloup — French show jumper who won gold in 1988 Olympics

Rembrandt — Four-time Olympic gold medallist in dressage for Germany

Ourasi — Famous French Trotter that won 50 consecutive harness races

Zingaro — A Friesian who starred in equestrian performance shows

Templado — The star performer of Cavalia

Felous — A French draft horse famous for his dressage

Stormy — A famous cross between a zebra and a horse

Go riding!

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