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Some horses need a little extra nutritional support to help them through the cold months. This happy customer turned to KPP.

From KPP’s Facebook page:


Interested in the products Erika mentions?


EndurExtra was specifically developed for horses who need more than a diet of hay and grain can provide. EndurExtra’s special blend of ingredients supports a hearty appetite, a desirable body weight, a robust immune system, and healthy muscle function. EndurExtra’s concentrated blend of readily digestible fats is supplemented at the low rate of eight ounces per day.


  • Contains 50% fat from several sources, such as stabilized rice bran, soybean oil, and flaxseed
  • Eliminates the need for excessive grain in the diet, reducing the incidence of digestive upset
  • Proprietary blend of direct-fed microbials maintains normal digestive function and a hearty appetite
  • Rich in natural vitamin E, EndurExtra supports healthy muscles and nerves and a robust immune system



In a natural state, horses graze constantly, producing gallons of acid-buffering saliva. Due to the combination of modern feeding and management practices, most horses no longer live this way. Limited access to pasture, the feeding of grain meals, and stressful lifestyles cause excess acid to accumulate in the stomach.

Neigh-Lox’s unique patented formula aids in the maintenance of a normal stomach environment that reduces the risk of gastric ulcers. Long-acting Neigh-Lox neutralizes excess acid and coats the stomach lining for up to 8 hours.


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Go Kentucky Performance Products, and Go Riding!

About Kentucky Performance Products, LLC:

Since 1998, Kentucky Performance Products has simplified a horse owner’s search for research-proven nutritional horse supplements that meet the challenges facing modern horses. KPP horse supplements target specific nutritional needs and are formulated to complement today’s feeds, thus safeguarding against over-supplementation. Each product is scientifically formulated and made with high-quality ingredients at certified manufacturing facilities. Kentucky Performance Products is proud to offer a quality assurance promise backed by a money-back guarantee. Kentucky Performance Products brings you horse supplements you can count on because the horse that matters to you, matters to us.


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