The Secret Life of McKenna: When you can’t ride, how do keep from going insane?

That’s what our temporarily busted-up junior blogger McKenna Oxenden wants to know. Can anybody help her out?

From McKenna:

Life with horses is lived on the edge. Most of the time our plans go awry due to soundness or the fact that we are not prepared. Unfortunately for me my plans have been put on hold due to injury. (See her previous column: “The Secret Life of McKenn: In which McKenna piledrives her head into the ground.”)

We are horse people. We are eventers. We don’t take well to being told “no.” We take even worse to being told we’re not allowed to ride. That goes just about as well as taking a fish out of water.

Unfortunately when things involve our brain, I don’t know about you, but I am forced to comply. (It also helps that I have a mother breathing down my neck making sure I do not jump on a fire-breathing dragon.)

So what’s a girl supposed to do besides lose her sanity? Well, Horse Nation, I have resorted to trying to work on my mental game. People say that the first step in improving your mental game, is to just think about it. So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, visualizing and imagining, as well as giving myself some mental pep talks. Hey, I may sound like a crazy person, and quite frankly maybe I am, but anything is worth a try, right?

Horse Nation, what do you do when you can’t ride? What do you do to help your confidence?

Editor’s Note: McKenna is a little bit insane already, so we really need to rally together to keep her from slipping further down the crazy slope. Leave your suggestions and encouragements in the “Comments” section below!


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