The Secret Life of McKenna: In which McKenna piledrives her head into the ground

The last thing you want to happen right before finals week is to fall off your horse and get a concussion. From junior blogger McKenna Oxenden…

From McKenna:

Hope you’re having a much better week than I am!

Reporting to you live from my bedroom, a.k.a. my new favorite place.

Have you ever had a concussion? If not, lucky you! Because they are awful. Not only do you have a constant headache but you are ALWAYS TIRED and you can’t do anything… and you can’t ride!!

Lucky me, I’ve got a bit of experience, this being my third one. Oops.

Good news though: My neck is not broken! After having numbness/tingling in both arms, a visit to an orthopedic was in order because apparently that was not good. The neck received the all clear; however, I am taking some precautionary reasoning and getting an MRI done on it, well, because I’m already getting one.

Why am I getting one? You see, Horse Nation, my shoulder has been bothering me for a long time now, and I finally went to get it checked. While the doctor was moving my arm back and forth, it popped every single time it was moved. Apparently that’s not good… whodda thunk?! Lets not even mention the fact that I essentially failed the strength test (where you push forwards/back/side to side), and it hurt to straighten it above my head.

So next Friday I have myself booked up for a really fun afternoon adventure at a radiology facility, getting a regular MRI on my “cervical spine” (neck) and a contrasting MRI (where you get shot up with radioactive elements and  that make it easier to see) on my shoulder.

Cross your fingers that it’s nothing serious–I need all the luck I can get!!!

Back to concussions. Just because I am such a cool kid, I have to go see a neuro specialist AND a concussion doctor… in the same appointment. They must’ve heard how much of a cool kid I was and decided they just HAD to be there! This is taking place Monday where I’ll get all sorts of tests done and probably a CT scan. Cross your finger again that I can remember all three words this time.

Times like this when you just loveeee riding horses! In other news, Gigi was a rockstar at our last jumper show on Sunday.

Until next post, I’ll be trying to remember my name.

Dorito, McKenna & Gigi


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