Friday Flicks: Un-thankful horses of reality TV

Horses on reality television shows have to put up with a lot of crap. This week, Amanda Ronan shines a light on a few horses that are not grateful to be in the entertainment industry.

Amanda U. Ronan

Anyone involved with the interweb has noticed lately a lot of people are thankful, and I bet most of our animals are thankful too.  Take for instance this Brazilian donkey, named Boneco.  He is thankful that his honey harvesting owner is extremely creative with velcro and a sewing needle, keeping him safe from the bees.

Most horses are thankful for more simple things, like a spacious paddock and yummy grass to eat.

But there are a few Thanksgiving McScrooges out there, and as far as I can tell they mostly work in reality TV.  For instance on America’s Next Top Model Season 19, this horse is very unthankful about toting wannabe-models around a beach.

My personal favorite is Leila’s wail of terror photo.

On The Amazing Race Season 10, this horse is unthankful that the cameraman didn’t even get a good shot of his daring escape!

This horse on Full Metal Jousting is unthankful for being punched in the face.  Just uncalled for, Landon.

Finally, this horse is unthankful that Paris Hilton, seen here on The Simple Life, ever decided she wanted to ride a horse…ever…seriously.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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