Fit to Ride: Ask a rabbit

How should one modify their exercise and diet routine before and during a horse show to maximize their energy and well-being during the competition? Biz Stamm’s bunny, Pi, shares some smart advice.

Top photo: “I’m such a big star that I have my own groom!”

From Pi:

Hey there, Horse Nation. Pi here for your monthly edition of “Ask a Rabbit.” This month’s question comes from Sarah, an eventer and fit to rider (That’s right, Mom.  I just coined that!).

Sarah asks:

How should a person modify their exercise and diet routine during a show and in the days leading up to it, in order to maximize their energy and well-being during the competition?”

Answer:  So let’s start with your exercise program.  I know if I have a big weekend of dog chasing at the park coming up, I will lighten up on the mad bunny dashes during the week so that I have plenty of energy for my canine-harassing endeavors.  I also know that my mother as well as some serious athletes decrease their exercise and allow for a day or two of rest prior to competition.  When you’re in training and building strength, you create tiny micro tears in your muscles, and your muscles get stronger as your body repairs those tears.  By giving yourself a light exercise week and a couple days of rest prior to competition, you give your muscles time to repair themselves and be as strong as they possibly can be for your big day.

When it comes to your diet take a note from your rabbit and horsie friends and learn to graze a little.  The week before your competition, fill your fridge fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean meats.  Eat light meals and snack frequently throughout the day.  This will keep your metabolic furnace burning and keep your energy level high.

On the day of the show, eat a light breakfast of oatmeal, or maybe some fruit and granola, and then pack plenty of food to graze on throughout the day.  Some foods known for their energizing capabilities include: citrus fruits, blueberries, melons, spinach, nuts, peppers, and sweet potatoes.

I hope this answers your question, Sarah, and I look forward to writing my next column assuming that I can go an entire month without chewing my computer charger, but sometimes I think it just begs to be chewed.  Please send your health and fitness questions to pi.rex.rufus@gmail .com.  Oh!  And don’t forget to send your designs in to my mom’s marathon t-shirt contest!  She has a terrible fashion sense and I can only imagine that I’ll be embarrassed for her on race day if you guys don’t help her out.

Go bunnies!  I mean… go riding!

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