Fit to Ride: Marathon T-shirt design contest!

HN hardbody Biz Stamm is running the Portland Marathon to raise money for Ever After Mustang Rescue in a few months, and she doesn’t have anything to wear. So, she’s launching a contest.

From Biz:

Hey there, Horse Nation!  I’m excited to announce the very first Fit to Ride reader contest.  As many of you know, in just a few short months I’ll be running in the Portland Marathon to raise money for Ever After Mustang Rescue.  While my endurance is pretty good, I’m lacking in the speed department, and what I lack in speed, I’d like to make up for in style.  Just last night I purchased these awesome compression pants to be part of my race day ensemble.

While I was contemplating what to wear on my top half, I came up with a brilliant idea.  Why not let the fantastic Horse Nation readers design a Fit to Ride t-shirt?!  So here it is!  Calling all artists!  Send me your designs for a Fit to Ride t-shirt.  Not only will the winning design be proudly paraded through the streets of Portland, but the winning designer will also receive a Fit to Ride t-shirt featuring their design in which they can get their sweat on.

Contest Rules

  • Shirt must have the words “Fit to Ride” and “” located somewhere on the shirt.
  • Creative slogans are welcome.
  • Please submit designs in PDF form to [email protected]
  • 5 top designs will be chosen and a reader vote will determine the ultimate winner.

I thank you all in advance for kicking up my fabulosity factor.

Go riding!


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