Your Turn: Loose horse! pt. 2

Inspired by yesterday’s “Loose Horse” post, reader Maureen Hall sent us this video of a dressage show incident in which her horse got free and ran around for almost half an hour. She managed to catch him moments before her test.

Maureen writes, “Here is a video of my horse loose at a dressage show–It was our first show of the season.  My 5-year-old gelding (former stallion) had been in the barn for two days. It was our first show at level 1, and as I put the bridle on this 17.3-hh guy thought he wanted the grass in the parking lot more than doing his dressage test. He broke loose and ran around for almost a 1/2 hour–caught him 8 minutes before our test and got to the warm up just before our time.  I was frazzled and decided to let my coach read our test.  Everyone was very impressed that I still rode my test.”

Thanks for sharing Maureen! Enjoy.

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