Top 5 at 5: Loose horse!!

Earlier today, a horse got loose and was found running through the streets of Columbus, Ohio, prompting traffic jams and other assorted chaos. Which inspired us to compile this Top 5 List of infamous “loose horse!” incidents.

1. An baby miniature horse gets loose and wreaks havok on the Minnesota State Fair.

2. During Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding Procession, a guard fell off his horse, which proceeded to bolt and run past their carriage.

3. In 2007, harness racing driver Tony Morgan towed a horse for half a race at Yonkers Raceway after the horse’s driver was thrown from the sulky during an accident.

4. Seven racegoers were taken to hospital after a loose horse jumped a boundary fence and galloped into a crowd of spectators during an Australian steeplechase.

5. French rider Nicolas Touzaint falls off Pepsy du Thil at the Haras de Jardy CIC3* on May 5th. The horse goes on to jump an SUV.

Go Riding.

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