Wednesday Morning Feed by World Equestrian Brands

Horse Nation runs the gamut when it comes to content. We’ve got serious stuff, newsy stuff, inspirational stuff, disturbing stuff, informative stuff and, of course, ridiculous stuff.

As opposed to sticking with one voice or another, I think the site better reflects the breadth and depth of the equestrian experience by chasing it all over the map.

Yesterday, for instance, our two most popular stories were at absolute opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand, there was So, This Horse Walks into a Bar: A collection of horse jokes (ba-dum ching!); at the other, there was Chelsea Alexander’s beautiful and poignant essay, Reflection: A very generous benefactor. In the same way that I admire a movie that can move you to alternately laugh and get teary-eyed over the course of 90 minutes, I’m glad that Horse Nation is a platform for both horse humor and reflection.

Thank you, as always, for reading.

Go Riding.

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